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Charity Films

In our media-driven society a visual presence through film is a vital way for charities to communicate with both existing and potential supporters and clients.

An essential on-line presence ensures that you are instantly seen and our films are a powerful tool to use on a daily basis.


Our films are slick, narrative-driven and successfully raise the profile of the charity and increase donations and revenue immediately.

Whether you are looking for a film with a difference or an innovative fund-raising challenge, Fantastic Films will deliver on time and within your budget.

Special Occasions

All birthdays and special occasions are important and they need to be marked by a Fantastic Film for the recipient. The perfect surprise gift that is utterly personal and divine!

Special birthday films and bar and bat mitzvah films are a complete surprise for the recipient and are filled with access driven sequences, messages and plenty of the unexpected.

The recipient and the audience will be laughing and crying at the result and the film will be remembered for many years to come.


International Films are our speciality and we have camera crews placed all across the world that work with us to create special surprise major birthday milestone films.

No location is too far and recent films have been made in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, the USA , South Africa and France.


Time Capsule Films

The perfect film that captures the essence of a loved one. Have you ever wished that you had recorded and captured all the stories of a loved family member or friend?

Our team makes this happen effortlessly and with unrivalled skill and sensitivity. We sit with one family member and capture their life story that is then seamlessly weaved with personal photos, stories and filmed footage to create a Time Capsule film that is cherished for the entire family.

The Time Capsules are lovingly edited and delivered in a bespoke Fantastic Films Time Capsule.

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Mobile: +44 (0) 7956 413 108

Phone: +44 (0) 20 8444 4765

Located in Highgate, London, UK

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